2014 OK MedRetreat

Meditation Retreat
with Kimberly Poppe and Olivier Raurich

From Saturday 5 to Sunday 13 July 2014

Open to Everyone

By learning how to allow our mind to deeply settle in a very spacious and relaxed way, we can experience a profound stillness and clarity that is always with us, beneath the turbulence of all our thoughts and emotions. – Sogyal Rinpoche

Give yourself the gift of a unique meditation retreat in the beautiful, tranquil and natural environment of Lerab Ling.

The retreat programme, designed by the renowned Buddhist Master Sogyal Rinpoche, will be led by some of his most experienced teachers: Kimberly Poppe and Olivier Raurich. It will offer a complete and authentic instruction in the practice of meditation and the opportunity to practice and experience meditation deeply.

Here you get an idea of what a day in meditation retreat looks like including a sample schedule.

This year, we are incredibly fortunate that Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche will be visiting us in the middle of the retreat, so we will have the rare opportunity to hear him teach.

The Summer Meditation Retreat is ideal for those completely new to meditation, those who have been following the 'What Meditation Really Is' course, as well as for more experienced meditators from all traditions.

The Benefits of Meditation

Practical information
Starts: Saturday 5 July at 10am
Ends: Sunday 13 July in the afternoon

Check-in and pick-up badges:
Friday 4 July from 3pm to 6pm
Saturday 5 July from 8am to 9.45am

Teaching Fees (does not include meals or accommodation)
Standard: €315
Sponsor: €320 – Support those who are not able to attend the event
Concession: €270Who is eligible?

Special Offers
Yearly Pass
Under 30s Rate

Language of teachings: English and French
Translation: Spanish and German. Italian and Chinese on demand

Rigpé Yeshé - Programme for Children
There will be a programme for children and teenagers, whose parents are taking part in this retreat.


More information about registration (paper forms, fees, refund policy)

Meal and Accommodation Prices
This is a high season priced event.

You can book your meals and/or onsite accommodation when registering for the retreat online.

Meal and Accommodation prices
Preise für Unterkunft und Verpflegung
Precios de los alojamientos y las comidas
Tariffe alloggio e pasti

More information about accommodation in the surrounding villages

Travelling to Lerab Ling

Shuttle bus from Montpellier
Arrival day: Friday 4 July
Departure from Montpellier airport at 4pm
Departure from Montpellier train station at 4.30pm

Shuttle bus to Montpellier
Departure day: Sunday 13 July
There will be a shuttle bus in the afternoon.
The exact time will be confirmed later

For more information
Please contact Registration: registration@rigpa.org
or tel: +33 4 67 88 46 09. The best time to reach us is
between 10am and 12:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Kimberly PoppeKimberly Poppe was born in the United States and studied English and Theatre at Wesleyan University. She met Sogyal Rinpoche in New York City in 1997 and has been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism under his and other great teachers' guidance ever since. She moved to Europe in 2000 and attended the Three Year Retreat at Lerab Ling in France from 2006-2009. As Sogyal Rinpoche's teaching assistant, Kimberly currently travels and supports his teachings around the world. In particular, she specializes in presenting meditation. She also enjoys the practice of contemplative photography.

2014 OlivierRaurich iconeOlivier Raurich
After studying science in Paris, Olivier Raurich encountered Buddhism at the age of 24. For the last 30 years, he has been both student and interpreter for the Tibetan Buddhist master Sogyal Rinpoche, author of the acclaimed Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Olivier Raurich regularly facilitates Buddhist seminars and retreats. He is often an invited speaker on the France 2 programme Sagesses Bouddhistes, where he discusses social themes.

2014 OliveBookOlivier is also the author of "La voie du bouddhisme au fil des jours : Être, aimer, comprendre" published by Albin Michel, in which he recounts 30 years of study and practice of the Buddhist path.

A day in the Meditation Retreat

To give an impression of what a day in the Meditation Retreat looks like:

07.00  Personal meditation session, either in your room or in the
           temple (breakfast is available between 7.00-8.30)

09.00 - 09.45  First group meditation session of the day

10.00 - 13.00  Meditation instruction & practice with main teachers,
                       includes some of Sogyal Rinpoche's best video
                       teachings on meditation (includes a tea/coffee break)

13.00 - 16.00  Lunch and personal time to enjoy the beautiful
                       environment of Lerab Ling, rest, reflect, or meditate on
                       your own (there is also the possibility of having a one
                       to one meeting with an instructor during this time)

16.00 - 19.00  Meditation instruction & practice with main teachers
                       concluding with an opportunity to ask questions and 
                       receive clarification (includes a tea/coffee break)

19.00 - 20.30  Dinner

20.30 - 21.15  Last group meditation session of the day

All sessions take place in the main temple of Lerab Ling.

On most days, there will be silence through lunch to give participants more opportunity to deepen their understanding and experience of meditation. It is also possible to remain in silence for the whole retreat except when it is necessary to speak to the teachers.

The Benefits of Meditation

We all want to be happy but often the relentless pace and challenges of life make it impossible to know where to look for happiness. Through the wisdom of meditation, however, we can find peace and contentment. To our amazement, we discover a profound stillness and clarity that is always with us, beneath the turbulence of all our thoughts and emotions. By allowing our mind to settle more and more in this natural clarity in a very spacious and relaxed way, then what happens is quite extraordinary: we begin to
discover the sky-like nature of our mind. This in turn brings a certain stability with which we can face life and the complexity of the world, with carefree dignity, with composure, ease and humour.

Lerab Ling Yearly Pass
The Yearly Pass allows you to attend events in Lerab Ling at a special rate of 170€ per month.  
More information about the Yearly Pass