Death in the Mirror of Life -

The Bardos - with Philippe Cornu.

The bardos, or the intermediate states that manifests in death, sleep, dreams and meditation, are crucial moments in which our mind faces radical transformation. The teachings on the Bardos describe these remarkable states, as well as the practices that make it possible to discover our Buddha nature that will ultimately set us free.

The bardo at the moment of death, which presents itself as a series of dissolutions, leads to the fundamental clear light, the essence of all living beings. Vajrayana and Dzogchen both point to this crucial moment of death as being the mirror of what we have accomplished in our life.

PhilCornu Bio iconeDuring this weekend held by Philippe Cornu, we will do guided meditations on this approach to life and death, and explore this adventure of our consciousness, so we can better understand the benefit of the Bardo practices. 

Please Note - You can extend your stay before or after this event by doing a Personal Reterat.

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PhilCornu Bio iconePhilippe Cornu

is the Honorary President of the Institute of Buddhist Studies (IEB), University Professor in Buddhism and History of Religions at UCL (Belgium) and Lecturer in O Languages in Paris (INALCO) and the ISTR (Catholic Institute of Paris).

He is the author of many books, including "The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Buddhism" (Seuil, 2006) and "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" (Buchet-Chastel, 2009), is an unprecedented translation of Tibetan and commented on this classic of Tibetan Buddhism.

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