The Rigpé Yeshé Programme

Rigpa's Children and Teenager Programme

Rigpé Yeshé is inspired by the universal and ethical values of the Buddhist tradition. Our wish is to offer young people tools to understand themselves better, to discover and connect confidently with their own inner resources, and to become true 'servants of peace' in all aspects of their lives.

All Rigpé Yeshé's summer programmes at Lerab Ling are for children and teenagers whose parents attend one of the summer retreats.

The Association Rigpé Yeshé is recognized and registered by the French Ministry of Youth and Sports as an official programme for children and teenagers

Please find here the Educational Project and the Rules and Regulations of the Association Rigpé Yeshé in Lerab Ling

Rigpé Yeshé - About Us

About us - The Rigpé Yeshé Children and Teenager Programme. Rigpé Yeshé has the following aims: develop and hold programmes for children and teenagers to help them cultivate universal human values and explore...

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Rigpé Yeshé - Programme

What happens in our Programme -  “Spiritual Time”, Expression and Creativity, Outdoor Activities and Free-Play. To take into account differences in age and maturity, and to adapt to children's different capacities, our...

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Rigpé Yeshé - Curriculum

Our Curriculum - What young people learn in our programme - In our programmes children and teenagers get the opportunity to practise being mindful of their body and their feelings. They...

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Rigpé Yeshé - Parents and Families

Parents and Families - Rigpé Yeshé offers a special programme for parents and families - Parents - Rigpé Yeshé offers special sessions for parents, who find it nourishing and supportive to share the...

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Rigpé Yeshé - Educators and Training

Educators and Training - The role of the educational team - Our programmes are led by a multi-lingual and specially-trained team who are dedicated to creating a safe and peaceful environment for the...

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Rigpé Yeshé - Programme in Lerab Ling

Our programme in Lerab Ling - Welcoming children and teenagers from all over the world - Children and teenagers from many different countries gather in Lerab Ling each summer to participate...

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Rigpé Yeshé - Around the world

Our programme around the world - Rigpé Yeshé is now thriving in many countries - At present Rigpé Yeshé Programmes are offered in several countriues including Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain...

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To see the programme for Rigpa students please log in with your "Rigpa Admin & Care" email and password. If you are a student from another sangha and you think you qualify to participate to this event, please send an email to