Personal Retreats and Meditation Breaks -

Learn or deepen your practice of meditation in an environment that inspires rest, reflection, healing and renewal.

Located at the edge of the beautiful Grands Causses natural reserve, Lerab Ling offers everyone the opportunity to take a break from their busy daily lives, in a peaceful and sacred environment that inspires rest, reflection, healing and renewal.

Everyday we hold two sessions of guided meditation, led by a team of qualified instructors. You also have access to a library of books and both audio and video teachings, located in a room dedicated to personal retreatants.

You can see here how a day in personal retreat is organised.

Please note – Thursday is a free day - you can enjoy the site of Lerab Ling and its beautiful natural environment at your own pace. All day long you have access to the meditation room and the library. You can also join the community for their daily practice if you wish.

Lerab Ling and its surroundings are also perfect for meditating outdoors and going for beautiful walks on the many hiking paths.

The Instructor Team
The morning meditation sessions are held by a team of experienced instructors who regularly teach during events and courses held at Lerab Ling. 

Meditation and Study Room
The Manjushri room located in the main temple is dedicated to personal retreatants and to their study and practice of meditation. It is equipped with a library of books and audio and/or video teachings on themes such as meditation, the fundamentals of Buddhism, healing, finding peace, overcoming depression, relationships and much more, to support you in your personal study.

Meals are served in the dining hall where you can eat with the community,  this is a great opportunity to meet them!

Meals are mainly vegetarian and suitable for those following a vegan diet as well as for those with food allergies (gluten, dairy etc.)

The Lerab Ling community
Lerab Ling is home to a thriving community of monastic and lay practitioners, who study and practice Buddhism on a daily basis, each at their own level. They also participate in the centre’s activities like welcoming visitors, preparing and holding events, responding to prayer requests and providing spiritual guidance. You can join them during their daily schedule of practices held in the temple.

Around Lerab Ling
The temple is located in the Lodévois-Larzac region at the edge of the Grands Causses natural reserve - 15mn by car from Le Caylar village and 20mn from Lodève town.

For Rigpa Students
This is a special opportunity to deepen your personal practice in the unique environment of Lerab Ling. You will be supported by the guidance of experienced practitioners and have access to a wealth of study materials.

Rigpa students can also go to Dzogchen Beara, Rigpa’s long-term retreat centre in Ireland, where special retreats on the practice of Ngöndro and Tsa-sum are offered.

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 A Day in Personal Retreat

  • You wake up when you want! 
  • 7.30am – 9am: Breakfast
  • 8am: Meditation room opens
  • 9.15am – 11am: Guided Meditation Session with a qualified instructor, followed by group ‘question and answer’ sessions
  • Free Time
  • 11.30am – 1pm: Lunch
  • Free time
  • 3pm – 4pm: Meditation session with a member of the community
  • Free time
  • 6.30pm – 8pm: Dinner
  • 7pm: Meditation room closes
  • Free time

To see the programme for Rigpa students please log in with your "Rigpa Admin & Care" email and password. If you are a student from another sangha and you think you qualify to participate to this event, please send an email to

Coronavirus info banner

Staying healthy at Lerab Ling

In order to comply with the French health regulations in effect, to take care of each other and to ensure that we can enjoy this event in complete safety, we ask everyone over the age of 11 to wear a mask :
- In all shared enclosed areas (the temple, dining room, toilets, etc.) and
- Outdoors around the temple and the dining room.
We will also ask you to adopt simple health safety measures such as physical distancing, strict handwashing and so on. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Welcoming you in Lerab Ling

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Lerab Ling. In order to ensure safe hygiene measures in all parts of Lerab Ling and to respect the world health regulations, we have to limit the number of participants to each retreat to 150 participants.

Our highest priority is to make sure that you enjoy your retreat while ensuring your health and well-being as well as that of the Lerab Ling community and everyone coming to Lerab Ling. Our ability to welcome you (and the number of people we are allowed to have onsite) will entirely depend on the French health regulations in effect at the time of the event.


- We ask you to cancel your stay if you experience symptoms such as cough, fever or respiratory symptoms or have been in contact with someone sick within the last two weeks.
- We recommend that anyone in an "at-risk" group, such as elderly people or those with pre-existing health conditions follow the retreat online (if this option is available) rather than in person in Lerab Ling. Your health is our highest priority.
- Please keep in mind to respect barrier gestures and to wear a mask while travelling to Lerab Ling by public transport or in areas where you mingle with others.
- Please notice that the Lerab Ling site is physically challenging due to its uneven terrain and the presence of many stairs.


- You can protect yourself and others by adopting simple health safety measures such as physical distancing, strict handwashing and so on.
- Wash your hands frequently, especially after using the toilet, and before and after eating.
- Wearing a mask is mandatory in the temple, dining hall, toilets and other shared enclosed areas - please bring a mask (or several) for each person (except children under the age of 11). Masks will not be provided in Lerab Ling.
- Please bring your own supply of hand sanitiser that you can carry with you all the time.
- Bring with you a cup and/or a bottle that can be closed (to use in the dinning-hall and the temple).


- A system to manage the flow of people at the reception desk, in the dining hall and in the temple
- Hand sanitiser is made available in key places, but it is important that you bring your own supply to carry with you
- A daily cleaning plan for all contact objects is in place
- Wearing a mask is mandatory in the temple, dining hall, toilets and other shared enclosed area
- A protective plexiglass screen is installed at the registration counters.
- The Staff are equipped with masks
- The toilets are cleaned regularly

*These measures will be re-evaluated and adapted to the health situation at the time of the retreat