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What young people learn in our programme -

In our programmes children and teenagers get the opportunity to practise being mindful of their body and their feelings. They are encouraged to find a way to meditate that is most inspiring for them—by focusing on their breathing, looking at a flower or a crystal, listening to sounds, or using one of their senses, such as tasting food or doing walking meditation.

They also learn to refrain from harming either themselves, others and the environment; to cultivate kindness, compassion and courage in their attitudes and actions; to take charge of their own mind as they grow up; and to develop confidence in their own goodness. They reflect on topics such as change and interconnectedness, and they begin to understand that happiness and well-being are skills that can be cultivated.

Our programme is based on the following three main educational objectives:

  • Connecting to yourself: knowing and understanding yourself
  • Connecting to others: cultivating empathy and compassion
  • Connecting to the the world: acting with altruism and exploring interdependence

Our curriculum and programme is inspired and enriched by other educational approaches and programmes such as

What children say about what they learn:

We learn to meditate and focus on our breath. Sometimes we meditate on our senses— for example we put a chocolate in front of us, we look at it, we smell it, we see if we can hear it, we touch it... We really take time to taste it and then we slowly let it melt in our mouth. - Eliza, 11, UK

When I come back from a Rigpé Yeshé Programme I know a lot more about other people and how they feel, not just me - Marcus, 14, Australia

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